October 7, 2009

My First Ambigram: HARRY – Rotational Ambigram

Inspirational... Thanks Haribo
My first ambigram…*shudder*
Actually…I like it. I really do. In my first attempt I think I managed to discover many aspects of ambigram drawing that i would later use more extensively.
I know…the ’h’ looks weird… you cannot see the ‘double r’…
But think of the achievements!
I made a moderately legible ‘a’ and ‘y’. And though I seem to have lost this drawing style (I started ambigrams at the same time I started tribal drawings), I really believe it has depth and potential. Somehow the lack of ‘block uniformity’, something so prevalent in many designs I’ve seen, gives this piece it’s own appeal.
PS: I did make a newer version of this, more recently, with a three year gap between the two. I’ve yet to find the scrap of paper it was on, but I'll update the post with it below.

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