October 13, 2009

AASHINI - Rotational Ambigram

I tried another method of the 's-h' combination from here. I didn't think the other version would fit in with the font. This took me but 20 minutes, I just used shapes form older designs and combined them.

As for the big flowing lines surrounding the word, tell me if it screws up the aesthetics of the overall piece...


Following up on John Langdon's comment (which surprisingly coincided exactly with what I didn't like about this piece.)

I removed those irritating flowing lines from around the piece. Adding elements like that, to me, seems the visual equivalent of forcing the rhyme in a poem. I hate people who force their poems to rhyme...

I also lengthened the 'H & S'. I initially ad trouble deciding what aspect of the 'h' to lengthen, the stem, or the 'curve'. If I made the stem too long it messed with the viewers perception of the 's', so I went with the latter. Although, now the 'h' is floating a couple of centimetres above the other letters... but we have to compromise :)

1 comment:

  1. Nice one! Your letterforms all have good integrity, and are nicely thought out and crafted. The S and H seem a little too small, however. And yes, the big flowing lines do screw up the aesthetics of the whole piece by being so big and their strokes being much heavier than those that make up the letters. I think the size of them would be OK if they were made with a few lines of the light weight of the horizontals in the letters.