October 11, 2009

ZEHRA/SHARIF - Rotational Ambigram Final

All the 'R' needed was a curve. A tiny...minute little curve, and suddenly the whole damn word is readable...

Just goes to show ... we are truly blind. I managed to figure out the necessity of the curve by writing out the letter 50 times, in various handwritings, then analysing them. Glad to say my knowledge of letter structures, gradually expanding, has just been temporarily sated.

Of course, being me, I still cannot stand the capital 'A' in Sharif, but then, I think I'll rest the project for a while.
Oh, and i did end up breaking the continuous line through the piece. It was just messing with the 'E' a bit too much.

Below is my first attempt at 'decorating' an ambigram with these things called...colours.
I think it looks pretty pants, but it's a 'landmark occasion', hopefully I'll get better.

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