September 1, 2009

About Me

Sameh Khan portrait

3 years doing ambigrams already? Who knew at 16 I'd feel so experienced

I started with Angels & Demons fresh in my mind. Obsessive it seems, the way I was attracted to the artwork I saw then. Astounded I was, so much so that like every other fan-boy in the world I started turning the book 180 degrees unstoppably...and loving every angle of the elemental wonders. 

I was in awe of the art then, I am in awe of the art now

I am glad to say that I am one who improves himself. I open my mind, and search for new ideas, sometimes even beyond what I practice. The community I have recently discovered lays many foundations for me. There have been many artists who have already achieved what I am achieving. But that is art.

Nothing achieved has been achieved before


My name is Sameh Khan, 16 years of age, and lifelong resident of the UAE. I can converse fluently in English and am adequate at Urdu and French. Just in case you want to talk to me in any of the three.

I also write poetry, or such that I attempt to pass off as: My Poetry Site

Before launching this blog, I had a Deviantart Page. However, that site proved to be too congested, with little time given to newcomers. Nevertheless, my first attempts at macro-photography are saved there,as well as a few of my older ambigrams (for comparison). There are other fields of art I delved into, such as Windows customisation, and abstract painting. I just think that keeping that page intact will serve as a reminder to me as to what I've tried, before settling down in ambigrammatic wonder.


I hope my site will offer you an insight as to the depth of this art. Please navigate through my designs via the list on the left, and feel free to contact me should you have any queries whatsoever. I do respond to requests, but please keep in mind that I do ambigrams a hobby, hence prioritise my studies higher.