September 24, 2009

BIGFORRAP - Rotational Ambigram

I decided to make myself a logo. Surprisingly it turned out well. Even more surprisingly, the first draft took a mere 5 minutes. Know how I celebrated the achievement? Spent 3 hours screwing up the vectorising process...

I have never been a fan of mixing upper and lower case letters. Sure, i did that a lot when i first started out, but as I improved, and my ability to avoid this mismatch greatened, I chose simply not to. hence, the display of 2 ambigrams above.

The 'A' at the end, in bigforrAp, is lower case in one, and upper in the other. While I prefer the lower case, my 'testers' said they couldn't read the 'g' when the 'a' curved in. That's why I also created the ambigram utilising a capital A, which is easily readable...but makes me want to tear my hair out.

Don't even mention the 'F'... it is lower case. ;)

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