September 24, 2009

Khan-e-Alam - Rotational Ambigram

This was my first fully successful vectorisation. The name is Urdu, or ethnically Pashto I believe. Hence, in accordance with the proper pronunciation, there should be an 'e' between the words 'Khan' and 'Alam' (see title). However, i found that none of the 'e' variations I implemented really fit into the font, so I decided to leave it out entirely.


  1. I love the way the K looks in the word Khan! Though one has to have quite a bit of imagination for the letter M they make part of, it's still not bad at all! And though the flow of the words are nice, I personally would prefer the 3 letter a's to look a bit more alike :) But that's just me!

  2. Actually I agree with the 'a' bit... I love uniformity, but looking at the immense level of abstract thinking that went into the 'k' and the 'm', i don't think uniformity is an option :P

    I'll look into it though :)